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Have you ever just been thinking, “I need a new pair of sunglasses but the ones I like never suit or fit my face?” Perhaps because of this you are either reluctant to take the time to look for a pair that suits you? Are you sceptical about purchasing online, because what if you don’t find what works for you? Or maybe there are other factors that influence your decision, don’t stress we are here to help.

Knowing how to choose the correct frame for your face is something that is hidden in plain sight and at Chavon we are to help you. Visit our store, browse our collection and find a pair that works for you.

Determining your face shape

It is very important to understand that not all sunglasses fit every face shape, therefore it’s crucial to understand your own face shape and it's distinguishing features. There are 6 main face shapes, namely the square, round, triangle, diamond, heart, and oval. Having a sense of your particular face shape can go a long way in helping you mostly find sunglasses and frames that suit you. Determining what your face shape is not as difficult as it may seem, and we have a simple guide to help you determine this. You’ll get a better understanding of why certain sunglasses/frames never work for you, and hopefully you will never go wrong again.

Measuring your face

To measure your face, take a picture of your face straight on, make sure to have no head wear on or hair around your face, tie your hair back if necessary. Print out the picture and put dots on the top bottom and sides of your face. After completing this, trace lines connecting the dots, this will give you a sense of your face shape. We also need to save some trees so printing is not necessary, you can do this on your smartphone too.

Face Shape features

Round Face: A round face is characterised by a soft circular shape, where the width of your face at the cheekbones and the length are roughly the same. The round face has soft contours, and fuller cheeks.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses for a round face is all about complimenting and enhancing the shape. The key here is to choose frames that are square and rectangular in order to give your face a slimmer and more sharpened appearance. Rectangle and square frames help to balance out the circular features, which will enhance your look. Other frames that work well with this face shape are aviators, wayfarer, cat eye, D-frames, angular and geometric frames.

Square Face: A square face shape is characterised by strong and very defined angles in the forehead, cheeks and jawline. The square face shape will have a very angular jawline and wide forehead.

In order to find the best frames for the square face, it is important to compliment the shape. Having very strong angles means that the shape has to be complimented with round or oval frames in order to balance out the face. Round or oval frames will give the square face symmetry and add contrast. Other frames that work well with this face shape are, aviators, wayfarer and wrap frames.

Triangle Face: A triangle face shape has the following characteristics, it is a face which has a narrow forehead with a wide jawline. The triangle face may also have a square and or flat chin.

Picking a pair of sunglasses for the triangle face shape, the aim is to accentuate dimensional balance, while minimising a wide jawline. Since the face shape is characterised by being narrower at the top and wider at the bottom, this face shape needs sunglasses that have more going on at the top. The types of frames that suit this face shape are, aviators and clubmasters. Other frames that work well are tear drop and rectangle frames.

Oval Face:The oval face is defined by having unique balanced features, with a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. Oval faces have a classic look about them, being slightly longer than wide and having the cheekbones as the widest area on the face.

Oval faces are the most unique in that they can pull off anything because of symmetry. Pretty much every frame will work with this face shape. There are however features to be aware of, such as the sunglasses shouldn't take away from the face's natural features. Always ensure that your proportions stay well balanced. For the best results the ideal sunglasses are the aviators, clubmasters and round frames. Lastly, ensure that your glasses fit even if you are going for the oversized look, try not to go for sunglasses that make your face look too small or too round.

Heart Face: A heart shaped face is broader at the forehead and tapered at the chin, kind of like an upside down triangle with soft edges. The heart face shape has the slimmest chin amongst all the face shapes.

Heart face shape being characterised by a broad forehead and wide cheekbones, what you need to do is move attention away from the straight edges of the face. The aim is to create a more elongated look for the face. Wearing sunglasses such as aviators, round and wrap around frames. Wearing these types of sunglasses helps to give the illusion of a more rounded face, by softening the hardened features of a broad forehead, wide cheeks and tapered chin.

Diamond Face: A diamond face is characterised by having wide cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin.

Choosing a pair of sunglasses for the Diamond face, it is important to highlight the cheekbones. Oval sunglasses are the best fit for this shape, because they have gentle curves which will match the natural high areas of the face. Other really good sunglasses that work well with the face shape are aviators, small round sunglasses and wrap around frames.

With all this said and done, knowing your face shape does not limit you to the recommended styles of the sunglasses. There are other factors such as, putting on a cap, having long or short hair, the type of haircut you have that can help slightly change some of your features. If you wear a beanie vs wearing a cap can also influence how certain sunglasses fit your face. We have written this guide to help you understand what can work best for you. A little extra knowledge never hurts anybody right?

In the end, it’s all about having fun with frames and experimenting to see what works best with your face. Hopefully this guide will help you have a better sense of what will work best for you and your face. If you have already found what you like and it works, stick to it, or take a chance and try out something new using our guide. There are always exceptions to the rule, so don’t be scared to experiment.

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